The Music Fairy is Back!

The Music Fairy and Mr. Sea Otter have been on vacation (hiatus) for quite some time, but they are back and are excited to see each other! Here are some pictures from the filming of their latest webisodes! You can watch the webisode here: I Love the Mountains!







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Private Lesson Recital

Congratulations to all the students who performed in the Private Lesson Recital. Everyone played and sang beautifully. Here’s a video of little snippets of everyone’s performance. Enjoy!

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Roller Skating Party 2017

We are so proud of our students who have been practicing so diligently! Hope to see you at our Roller Skating Party, Saturday, February 25th from 4-6PM.  You are welcome to bring family and friends.  It is $7 per skater.  We have rented out the rink, so get there early so you can skate for the whole 2 hours!


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Your Young Child’s Future

You have a young child, age 3 or 4 years old and you wonder, “What can my child do now, and how will it benefit them later?”, “What matters at this age?”, “Will these lessons, games, practices, or activities make a difference?”.  Those are tricky questions because it’s very hard to know how to prioritize your child’s activities.  How will you know which ones will benefit them in the long run, and if they do, how will you even be able to tell?

JMC students singing and dancing "Samba Kings" at All-School Concert

Here’s Melayne, the student from the video, in the white dress on the left singing at her first big all-school concert. All current students are given the chance to sing and play in all of our big concerts.

What we do know is that those questions are tremendously important because this particular moment in your child’s life is precious and you only get one shot to make the most of it.  We only wish we could predict the future, and see the possibilities for our children before they happen to help us make these tough decisions.  Everyday there’s always more and more research to help us navigate our world, but what can be even more helpful is learning from the experience of others.  If you’re ready to see the results and experience of one of our current students, scroll down and hit play.

In our experience at Jensen’s Yamaha Music School, we’ve seen first-hand, over and over just how profoundly our music classes affect the lives of our students.  The children can begin them as young as 3 years old, and what they learn stays with them for a lifetime.  What’s even more amazing is watching a  student become a musician.  They begin classes with little to no experience, playing with just one hand simple melodies (as you will see in the video), and after a few years they will be playing with both hands, moving them fluidly through many positions on the piano keys, gaining control over their finger strength and speed, and will be able to play expressively.

In this video you will meet a little girl named Melayne.  The first part of the video is from 2012, when she was just 5 years old.  She was 1 year into the Junior Music Course (JMC).  The footage of her playing was recorded for one of our “Why I Love Music” video contests.  She came close to winning the grand prize!  Over the next few years, she continued attending classes, finishing JMC and completing the next course Junior Extension Course.  This year she continues to attend weekly classes in the Junior Advanced Course curriculum and has added weekly private lessons with one of our certified Yamaha teachers.  You can see how expressively she plays her music, she can play in many different keys and musical styles, and she can even play some of her favorite pop pieces like “Star Wars Main Theme” or “Space Oddity” by David Bowie.  The music lessons she began 5 years ago has given her the gift to express herself through music, as well as the ability to learn favorite songs.


What you don’t see or know from the video is how hard she worked over those years of studying music.  How she didn’t always want to practice, and how her repertoire stayed pretty narrow for some time.  But with her persistence and the patience and encouragement from her parents, as well as their commitment to her musical training, she was able to go very far, at her own pace.  Some parents get discouraged if their child seems to stall and learn to accomplish few songs for a while, it’s the patience that proves to be the best virtue so the child is given the time to grow and develop in their own way and in their own time.

Eventually it all comes together, when the child discovers their own capability, whether it’s in playing the piano, singing, or learning a new instrument, they discover and develop their inner musician.  And that is the most rewarding part of a child taking music lessons, is watching them become a lifetime musician.

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Find The Nutcracker and Take a Picture!

The Nutcracker is visiting us this holiday season and we are excited to have him.  But before he officially gets here, he’s visiting several businesses in our center.  You can look for him, and when you spot him, take a picture with him and post it on our Facebook page.  With each post your name will be entered into our Nutcracker Raffle.  We will raffle off a real Nutcracker the week of the performances.

Here are a few students who’ve already spotted him:  15032712_10154246370183759_6004460145623281911_n


So far he’s been spotted lounging at the bakery, C’est La Vie. Where is he this week?15036298_10153733164321362_331703261137322508_n

Wonder what the Nutcracker Event is all about?  It is a special program we perform only every 3 years.  We transform the music school into the grand holiday party where Clara is given the Nutcracker from her Godfather Drosselmeyer.  When midnight comes, the Nutcracker becomes a prince and takes Clara through snow to the Land of Sweets.  There the participants are invited to try all of the delicious sweets the dancers from the Land offer.  It is an indulgent hour of fantasy, delicious treats, and wondrous music of the Ballet.  Everyone will get to participate in the music with instruments, dance, and motions.  Current students can attend any day we are offering the event.  Just sign-up for the day of your choice: Monday, December 12th – Thursday, December 15th and Saturday, December 17th.  Sign-up sheets will be posted soon!

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What former students say…

"Early music training definitely opened my eyes towards the world of music. I would not have been able to pick up the instruments that I play now and write songs without learning the training that the school taught me! I'm so glad my parents kept me in music when I was little, I made some great friends that I still talk to today and I am so blessed to have been given the gift of music by my wonderful teachers and parents :) "

Former Student Kara Rollins

Click here to learn about attending a free class and how music can help your child's development.