What Parents are Saying about Music Classes

Since we opened Jensen’s Yamaha Music School in 1976, we have welcomed hundreds of families into our musical family, and many lifelong musicians have been created.  It’s amazing to look back over the years and see the consistency in what parents have been saying about our music school and curriculum for the last 37 years.  Even parents whose children graduated from our curriculum years ago still have stories to share with us about how our music classes and instruction helped and continues to benefit their son or daughter to this day.  What parents are saying about music classes at Jensen’s Yamaha is that they really work and that we have given their children a lifelong gift of music.  We also pride ourselves in creating a nurturing and happy environment for both the students and their parents to enjoy music together.

But of course, it’s best to hear it from them:


Parents attending music class with their children really see the joy the music brings and the results.

“Just wanted to let you know that Makayla recently submitted a song that she wrote, and composed with Aimee, and submitted it to the “Reflections” program through her middle school, and I just learned that her entry moved to the state level!  There are about 60,000 entries and less than 3% move to state, so this is a great accomplishment! We of course know that her talent was discovered and groomed at the Jensen’s music school! Thank you again for all your help!”
– Peggy J.

“THANK YOU for the fabulous foundation that your ‘team” gave to Mariah, now almost 15 yrs old. She loves playing music, and she knows the gift came from you guys!! ”
– Stacy

“I’m so thankful that he was able to be apart of your program. Exposing him to music and piano at a very young age has really made an impact in his academics. He’s an excellent scholar -excelling in math and the sciences.  Thanks to your dedication to teaching children!     Tell your mom we said Hello!  Nice hearing from you. I pray your babies are well too! Giovanni will be leaving to West Point in July.”
– Leti

“Thank you for sharing the gift of music with my children. The beautiful seeds you and your mom planted are bearing much fruit. Thanking God for each of you.”                                                                                                              – Denise W.

“Yamaha Music teaches musicians for life.  The Jensen family has been expertly, passionately, and lovingly doing this for generations.  They have turned a countless number of eager students into true musicians with trained ears now enabled to learn any new instrument with ease. Our eldest child looks forward to our weekly lesson and our younger child is anxious to be enrolled when she reachers the age minimum.  Listening to, singing and playing the songs in each course has become part of our daily lives that we enjoy as a family.  We look forward to continuing to see our children’s progression as musicians throughout the years as they attend Jensen’s Yamaha Music.”                                                                                                                                                              – Lindsey P.

“The Music Wonderland class for 3 year olds is very age appropriate. Miss Noelle is patient and flexible, and she is also very encouraging. The kids have fun with the music, have the opportunity to see, hear and play with a variety of different instruments, and they are kept engaged throughout the class by colorful music books and stickers that go along with each page/song. The “fairy bucks” reward system is also great, and keeps the kids motivated to come every week and participate. It’s also great how they have different events such as family fun night, etc. My 3 year old loves music class and even when he is reluctant to go (as little ones can be unpredictable sometimes), he always ends up happy to be there in the end.”                                               – Nikki S.

“My kids love coming here. The teachers are great. And I like the family atmosphere.”                                                      – Melissa F.

“Jensen’s Yamaha Music School is the best! Hands down! My daughter has such a love for music and this school is the best thing we have done for her. I love how it is a family environment and all the teachers are related. It just makes you feel right at home.”                                                                                                                           – Kristen D.

“I would highly recommend Jensen’s Yamaha Music School to all friends and parents. The school has provided my son with a wonderful foundation for music appreciation. He has already developed a more acute “musical ear” than both parents. The school has enriched our family with music education; and the parties, concerts, and special events have been fun.”                                                                                                                             – Susan H.