Jensen’s Yamaha Music School has been creating musicians for life since 1976.  We’re the only authorized Yamaha Music School in south central Texas and are proud to be a family business.  Watch our video to see the many ways we create musicians for life!

It’s why we do what we do. We enjoy watching young musicians develop and grow. We’ve had students come back after graduating high school, thanking us for helping them reach new heights. We love teaching music the Yamaha way (the natural way), because it creates musicians for life. The key is starting a child between the ages 3-7.  That’s what makes all the difference in your child’s brain development as well as reaching their full musical potential.

We know the courses we offer for young children are the best you can find in San Antonio.  How do we know this? Because…

  • Certified Yamaha teachers must pass rigorous qualifications and teacher training in order to teach the curriculum, which means your child will be taken through a process fit to meet their every musical need.
  • Yamaha specifically designed the curriculum to be timely and highly effective, using activities such as listening, singing, intensive ear-training, keyboard playing, and music theory and analysis
  • Children love our courses and become exceptional musicians (like Kara Rollins!)


If you aren’t convinced that your young child would benefit from our music classes, here are some facts that show it is worth the investment:
  • 2 National Merit Scholar Semi Finalists at Churchill Class of 2013 took Yamaha when they were young at JYMS and they are both outstanding musicians and scholars
  • Early music training improves verbal and memory skills
  • Music training increases children’s listening skills and their ability to recognize patterns
  • Not to mention there are many social, physical and emotional benefits of music that last a lifetime
  • Read more about the benefits of music here over at the Huffington Post.

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Lois Jensen

Noelle Jensen

Aimee Jensen

Ms. Lois and her daughters Ms. Noelle and Ms. Aimee at the 40th Anniversary Concert in July 2016

Ms. Lois and her daughters Ms. Noelle and Ms. Aimee at the 40th Anniversary Concert in July 2016

What former students say…

"Early music training definitely opened my eyes towards the world of music. I would not have been able to pick up the instruments that I play now and write songs without learning the training that the school taught me! I'm so glad my parents kept me in music when I was little, I made some great friends that I still talk to today and I am so blessed to have been given the gift of music by my wonderful teachers and parents :) "

Former Student Kara Rollins

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