Music Classes for Children

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Visit us at 8055 West Ave. Ste. 112 in the Castle Oaks Shopping Center : click for directions.

Creating Musicians for Life since 1976.

Enriching the lives of children by expanding their opportunities both academically and creatively, one musical experience at a time. Call us to schedule your reservation for our music classes for children and kids 210-366-5048.

Lois, Noelle and Aimee Jensen started teaching the Yamaha method to young children because there was a need for a program that taught the key fundamentals. Between the ages of 3 – 7 children develop their inner ear. Helping a child develop their inner ear can help with verbal and memory skills, social skills and pattern recognition.

Jensen’s Yamaha Music School is the only Yamaha music school in San Antonio. You can sign-up for our upcoming free preview classes to find out what a class is like and how your child responds to our engaging teaching methods.

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